Friday, July 30, 2010

The Beginning

            Hi everyone, my name is JC aka “android enteng”, a proud Filipino from the province of Bulacan, Philippines  Actually this is my very first time to write a blog and i gonna try my best to be such an interesting one and be different from others.
Let me introduced myself, aside from being kind, and handsome (please set aside your comment, hahaha!) and smart, im also a type of person which love computer hardware so much. I always wanted to have fast computer gaming experience. But the problem is, technology develop too fast that a person with an average income like me hardly follow the tech trend. We know how expensive computer hardware parts especially the hi-end one, so we need to look for a way how can we manage such computer games or applications to be compatible to your existing hardware. This is one of the reasons why I start this blog to show the world how an ordinary Filipino can follow the trend in modern computer industry beyond all the lacks of resources for hardware upgrades.Tweaks is one of the key!
Enough all of this geek tech, even though I’m a computer addict one, I’m also into sports such as mountain biking, running, mountaineering, and etc so expect a lot of adventure moment I can share.
Special thanks to chano,jake and kuri who encourage and support me to make this blog happen . They were also a blogger so I encouraging everyone to visit their blog also.


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