Monday, October 11, 2010

Coolermaster Inferno Gaming mouse

              PC gaming and 3D applications nowadays requires intensive hardware upgrades ( hi end video cards,power supply, powerful processors). But sometimes we forgot that no matter how powerful your rig was in gaming especially for first person shooting games,  you wouldn't fully utilized it if your using a generic one on peripheral devices like mouse and keyboard.

Lets focus on gaming mouse. :D

Just wanna share my gaming mouse ( Coolermaster Storm Inferno). 


Superior Gaming-grade Precision
The Inferno utilizes a superior laser engine to ensure extreme stability and a point tracking performance. Enhanced to increase your gaming needs, it provides lossless performance at optimized speed ranges boosted to endure all types of tactical movements for sheer accuracy. 

Onboard Sentinel-X™ 128KB
The Sentinel-X™ microprocessor safeguards your mouse settings and stores up to 3 different game profiles. The stored profiles can retain macro, scripts, and other customizations, letting you plug and play and triumph on any PC system without the need of additional software. 

Advanced Storm MacroPro™ Key
The versatile MacroPro™ Key allows easy access to actuate pre-programmed firmware commands, such as Macros, Scripts, Mouse motion, and actions. Automated repetitive actions can be easily implemented for complex MMO games and/or other Windows applications.

Rapid Fire Tactical™ Key
A pure assault apparatus – built to fire multiple rounds from a tactical mouse and or keyboard command. Conveniently placed next to the left mouse button, this tactical key is one click away from a load of sustaining fire, giving you the utmost edge to frag your opponents and stay alive in all combat situations. 

Storm Tactics™ Multiplier Key
Storm Tactics™ Multiplier Key offers unique key combinations built to offer 32 extra button outputs for macros, scripts, rapid fire, and other unique commands. Easy to optimize for the most intensifying MMO sessions, Storm Tactics Multiplier™ Key enhances character reactions with top-notch combo command. 

Closeup Look:

Games tested:

Starcraft II Wings of Liberty
Call of Duty Modern Warfare II
Sniper Ghost
Call of Duty World at War
Lost Planet 
Red Aler 3
Plants vs. Zombies...

          Overall I can say that Cooler Master's Inferno is a well- built mouse which is designed for the hard core gamers, but also perfect just the same for the casual gamer like me. Cheers!        

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Win the Razer Power Gaming Suite

       Hi everyone, just wanna share this opportunity to have a chance winning razer products for free!!!!. Kindly register the link provided. Good luck! ("Sana manalo tayo lahat!").

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