Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Climb! (Mt. Kalisungan) Part 2 (Continue......)

The cross sign indicates your already on the top.:D

More pictures on Mt. Kalisnungan.

Breakfast. Sardinas,hotdog,fried egg
Already awake..:D
Our precious tent.XD!
with some friends.

Climb! ( Mt. Kalisungan) Part 1

D' Finisher Mountaineering Team


            Just wanna share some pictures on my last climb at Mt. Kalisungan. This place was really awesome and it really refresh and take away all my stress..Happy climbing everyone!..

Calauan, Laguna
Jump-off point: Erais Farms, Brgy. Lamot, Calauan
LLA: 14° 08.790N; 121° 20.683E; 760 MASL



Monday, August 23, 2010

ACER ASPIRE 4553G Gaming Laptop

Tech time again.Just wanna share my new laptop and its my first time to have this kind of portable pc (with the aid of moral support of my loving girlfriend and through the help of eating Lucky Me noodles only everyday.1x/day.). My reason of buying this is to study things related on my existing work but i must admit that when I start blogging, it eats most of my time while using this coz its really enjoy of sharing thoughts, opinions, facts, humors, etc throughout the web but i will still pursue my main purpose(hoping i can manage it)...
Here's the picture of it.., Sorry for my messy table(its just I'm so stressed of what happen on hostage taking recently,damn police! They should teach how to play Counter strike or modern warfare to learn advance tactics).hahaha! Seriously, im so pissed off of my internet connection because I'm only using a plug it internet (tatoo) in which its super slow and it always disconnect when no signal detected. I always need to move around it to check for possible strong reception. But beyond all of this problems , Ive still be able to check my blog at night.lolz!.

Short review:

This laptop (ACER Aspire 4553G) is powered by latest AMD Phenom II Triple Core processor and its computing power was very comparable to Core i3 processor. Its cpu consist of 3 cores / thread and compare to Core i3 and i5 which has two cores but multi-threaded (supports hyperthreading feature which means two cores will have additional 2 virtual cores and happens like having 4 processing power - 2 cores / 4 threads). Some say that its power is between Core i3 and i5 but for me, its almost the same of the two said processor because its still a laptop and doesn't need a lot power for simple applications (Ex. MS Word, MS Excel, Adobe and etc) unless your a hardcore user or gamer. Also, one of the main attraction of this budget laptop was its video card and its powered by ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 512mb VRAM which is enough to play latest games at reasonable frame rate.I personally try to test games like NBA 2010, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and DIRT 2 at high/medium settings and absolutely thumbs up for its frame rate. Also it consist of 320gb SATA hard disk, fast 2 GB DDR3 1333 memory(expandable to 4GB) and has 14.0" HD LED lcd. For me this laptop is highly recommended for people that has limited budget like me but can still manage to play the most current massive intensive graphics games. FTW.

Complete Specification:
ACER Aspire 4553G

* AMD Phenom II X3 N830 @ 2.1 Ghz
* ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 512 VRAM
* 14.0" HD LED LCD
* 2 GB DDR3 Memory (expandale to 4GB)
* 320 GB HDD
* DVD-Super Multi DL Drive
* ACER Nplify 802.11 b/g/n
* Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
* Multi-in-1 card reader
* 6 cell Li-ion battery
* Dolby Home theater surrond sound
*1.3MP camera

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Empty mind Part 2

Another wasted day and need something to refresh my mind. T_T....


Nelo and Patras on the side walk????????

Monday, August 16, 2010

My Top 5 Ultimate PC

Just wanna share my top 5 Ultimate PC setup in random order.

Proud to say that this super computers were own by Filipino people. ^_^ . You can visit www.tipidpc.com to view all the pictures. I'm also one of the member of that site in which i learn a lot on how to build from a budget to extreme computer setup. But all learnings though,i don't have the money to build that kind of rig.My appreciation and respect to them is all i can do. lolz! ^_^ Cheers!!!!!

Choose your weapon...............

1. Own by DcWTmp user

Monday, August 9, 2010

An epic ride ( 7 11 Tour 500)

The 7 11 tour 500 take it away yesterday which starts in Filinvest Alabang going to Tagaytay City Convention Center. The whole ride was very challenging especially the road going to Tagaytay City which is very difficult because of the continuous uphill track. As the ride begins, the heavy rain pours all the riders including me of course and everyone finding themselves to cover up but me and my buddy got no place to cover so we have no choice but to continue riding. As we approaches on the town proper of cavite, a lot of people shouting and cheer up us which boosted our energy to finish the ride. By the way, this tour should be a fun ride on the first 30km with proper pacing of 15kph to 20kph speed but what happen is that it become like bike race(approx 30kph and up on flat road) because ill see almost every riders pedaling very fast and i got no choice but to stay on their pacing even its too difficult, just got lucky that my feet won't get cramps on the whole ride. When Ive reached the last 9km, I though that it would be very easy going to the finish line but i was wrong. I did'nt expect that it will be the very difficult part on the tour because the road going up is to stiff as in. I did some stop and take a short rest to regain my energy. I continue to ride and at last I did it, I 've reached the finsh line. (yey!). That was the most rewarding part and i feel very proud of myself.

I thought that ride was over and we can go back to Alabang with the truck as soon the program finished. But there is a problem, my co-rider still on the road and im thinking what happen to him or is he still struggling going up on the stiff road. I try to call him up to ask if he still ok or need help but no answer. I did some text and at last he took reply on me saying that he still up and can still finish the ride so I did wait him. The program come to an end and everyone starts packing up and the truck also starts loading all the riders. The 2 trucks left without us and as they leave, im thinking if we had still have enough energy going back to Alabang. My rider friend reaches the finish line and the challenge awaits us of riding going down( whatta, another 60+km again!). We rest a little bit and start to pedal with few energy flowing us(Bahala na!..lolx!). Heavy rains, traffics on downtown, stiff road again, slippery road due to heavy rains, sore knees and lost track due to unfamiliarity on some roads are the few challenges we've encountered going back to alabang . Beyond all this difficulties, we've still manage our selves to keep alive (lolx!) and finish an over 130km+ total ride. Thank God for helping and guiding everyone of us throughout the whole tour. Rock on bikers! ..See yah on next tour...^_^
Here are some pictures I've taken.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Firefly Ride '09

Hi everyone, i just wanna share my first experience on a local fun ride held in Manila last April 19, 2009 called the 11 Tour of the Fireflies. It was a great ride coz everybody enjoy that ride so much. I've never thought that i gonna saw that such large volume of bikers that will passed away EDSA road in which it created heavy3x traffic (lolz!). I've met a lot of different riders such as road, bmx,dh, and mountain bikers and also seen some exotic bikes which catch my attention. Here are some pictures I've taken,^_^

Bike assembly with my co-rider:

Starting point:

On the Road

Oh an angel?

Ride safe everyone!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Empty mind

Right now, i got an empty mind and I feel my brain stops functioning..lolz! I wish i could write something sensible and can make anyone feels good or makes laugh. While browsing on my favorite gadget website, I realized to search some funny pictures just to wake up my mind. hahaha! XD!

Here's some...^_^

Mouse inside the mouse,what the?

Its shower time....:D

Enemy Spotted!!

Best American Dance Crew Dancer I've Ever seen...:D

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Intel Core i7 Desktop CPU Setup

Hi guys, Just wanna share my highest 3dmark 06 i attained on my rig.wooot! ^_^...,By the way 3DMark 06 is a computer benchmarking tool to determine the performance of a computer's 3D graphic rendering and CPU workload processing capabilities.

Im so glad to break my 20,000 barrier. I got the score 22,230 on my current setup at 3.8Ghz air cooled on my i7 860 processor and the rest were all stock settings. You can try it on your own pc's to test your current computer setup performance. ^_*

Here's some specs of my rig:

Processor: Intel i7 860 @ 3.8Ghz
Motherboard: Asrock P55 pro LGA 1156
Ram : 4 Gig DDR3 1600 Dual Channel
Video cards: ATI Radeon 5850 1Gig DDR5 and Geforce 9600 GSO 512mb DDR3
Sound Card: Creative Fatality Champion
Hard disk: Seagate 250 Gig 7200rpm
Chasis: Coolermaster 690 I
mouse: Roccat Kova
Keyboard: Logitech G15 V2

Some pics: ^_^

Lost Dog

While Im browsing my facebook photos, I catch my attention on the dog picture in one of my profile pics, Oh that’s epi! Its been year ago since I lost this dog. She's 70% japanese spitz and 30% askal. ^_^… I got the name Epi from a chronic brain disorder called epilepsy where she suffers that kind of related disorder. Often times, she suddenly loses control body movements and slamp on the ground. It usually occurs when she eats and I don't know why only that time. I feel helpless every time it triggers that symptoms and all I can do is to watch until her body calm down and back to normal. Beyond all of that, this dog still so sweet and loyal on us.
A sad thing happened when she was disappeared one afternoon where all of us resting inside our home. Isn't she dognap?wtf! We've try to look everywhere within the vicinity on our home and also ask our neighbors if they saw epi around but no success. Days had past and kept looking but still we're unable recover our dog.Haist!So I got no choice but to accept the fact that we lost epi. Until now Im thinking what really happen to her and how she gone. tsk! If there’s someone saw epi just leave me a message..lolz!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Go! go! go!

Yesterday, a friend of mine called me up and told me if i would like to join for a bike ride in Alabang going to Tagaytay. So i immediately came up my mind that i gonna 100% join that ride because i love biking. Until he told me that its a 60.4 km total lap.Wow! i didn't expect that it is too long for a fun ride. I got confused if i gonna still join the event because even though im into biking i usually took short ride this past few months.The reason was i had no time to practice long ride coz weekends were the days i can rest and do my other activities.
This day I check the details of the event and saw that its ride for cause. The price money to win will be given to the chosen charity you've select. On the back of my mind, there's no reason to ignore this event because there are lot of people can be help by this so i conclude myself that i will join. ^_^...I went to 711 near our office and registered. Right now, Im thinking if i can make it to finish line>.....hahahah!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hang Time

This is my second time in mountain climbing and i can say that its one of the best experienced ive ever had. About a 1 and half year ago I 've joined this mountaineering club so called "The Finisher's". That day, everything we're almost perfect, the weather is good, no leeches and most off all the trail is not that hard to walk in. This shot of mine was pictured at Mt. Cristobal going to the camp site.
But what I've thinking was why they called its the "Devils Mountain". Rumors said that there are some mountaineers lost there and didn't see and also some of them encounter's ghosts. Going on trail ahead, we've see a lot of trees,big rocks, roots and lot of things which commonly see on forest.I didn't feel anything bad as we cross the trail but instead i feel better.Maybe because the air we breath was absolutely fresh. We've reach the camp site and setup tents, prepare foods and drinks for our social activity. Its been getting late that night and we're all slightly drunk and sleepy so we decided to setup everything before we rest. We first pray to guide us and took away us from bad spirits. As i ve been lying inside the tent, i feel that there are lot of eyes watching us. I hear different kind of noises whispering my ears. But instead of getting afraid, I've pray again and try myself to get comfortable. The sun wake us the next morning and it just like saying to us "Magandang Umaga". Everything went good as we've leaving this so called Devils mountain. All in all, It was a great experience climb and i was thankful that stories beyond on that mountain didn't happen on us. Thank God for guiding us throughout our climb..^___^

More mountains to conquer. "The Finisher"

Get naked!

Its been a hot afternoon when i decided to troubleshoot my cousin's pc. I'm really exhausted that time due to hot weather but i had no choice but to fix it. First I checked all the power cables and all ports if they properly placed in their respective socket and then power it up but still no response so i decided to check it naked by trying to remove all its components outside the cpu casing. I remove first the memory and bring back to the socket again and then power it up but still no boot.I checked next the graphics card but it has built-in gpu so its impossible to dismount it. Then I decided to try to remove the cpu(central processing unit) but the bracket of heat sink fan was stuck. I gently open up the steel lock clip and luckily im able to unlocked it. After i remove the heat sink, i dismount the cpu from its socket and check it.Upon checking it, i was surprisingly saw a burned mark beneath it, the cpu was overheated. I went back to my cousin and tell him the cause why his computer had no response . I suggested him that next time to open up the side panel of the casing to keep the system components especially the cpu core temperature cooled or if he wants better buy an after market cpu cooler so that even the casing was closed, the cooler is still enough to absorb heat coming from the cpu core. Cheers! ^___^

Catch me if you can

Ever since, Ive been a fan of first person shooting games. Most games i played are counter-strike, battlefield 2, call of duty modern warfare, fear and left for dead in which they requires skills in shooting. While im scouting for new mice at the mall, i've saw this razer copperhead mouse and i was amazed with it's looks. I bought it and went home to test it and i was surprise with its performance. The speed, precision and sensitivity is so sick ("grabe").The movement is flawless and it reacts like im the real one moving the gun in the game modern warfare. Enemies can't say on me "catch me if you can" coz no matter what how far or how fast they cover up i can blow up them in one shot with precision power of this great mouse.^_^
I' ve highly recommend this mouse because it not all about the looks but also the performance is so great i couldn't imagine. It is highly recommend by most gamers like me.

Missin' my First twins (Inno3d iChill 8800GT)

Way back 2008, I've been a hard time seeking for cheaper computer hardware parts for my computing needs. It was the fourth quarter of the year that time and everyone expecting for a price drop for computer parts but im eager to try no matter what(hehe) which they call the twin GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) or the SLI technology. Let me give you first a brief introduction, SLI technology allows two GPUs to share the workload when rendering a 3D scene. Ideally, two identical graphics cards are installed in a motherboard that contains two PCI-Express x16 slots, set up in a master-slave configuration. In short, having two GPU's will have more processing power in rendering graphics resulting faster fps(frame per second) in gaming. By the way, this technology can only be used for NVIDIA video cards.
Then upon searching for cheap gpu's , i received an email from a friend of mine and says that the're will be a great sale in Gilmore IT located at San Juan.I've ended up of buying this video cards and im so happy because i got an IChill edition of Inno3d 8800GT 512mb DDR3 in which it consist an aftermarket cooler. So when i got home, I immediately start benching it in 3dmark06 and 3dmark vantage and i'm very satisfied with the performance.Gaming is great and i never encountered any lag on games ive played. But we know technology is never ending so i decided to sell it and wait again for new gpu's. But what i can never forget to this twins was their massive performance beyond its cheap price and also the gpu core temps we're very low which happens to be a lot of headroom for overclocking. I'v seeing it that it can last 5~7 years from that time if you decide to keep it and play it with all incoming graphics intense games and applications.Cheers! ^_^


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