Monday, August 2, 2010

Missin' my First twins (Inno3d iChill 8800GT)

Way back 2008, I've been a hard time seeking for cheaper computer hardware parts for my computing needs. It was the fourth quarter of the year that time and everyone expecting for a price drop for computer parts but im eager to try no matter what(hehe) which they call the twin GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) or the SLI technology. Let me give you first a brief introduction, SLI technology allows two GPUs to share the workload when rendering a 3D scene. Ideally, two identical graphics cards are installed in a motherboard that contains two PCI-Express x16 slots, set up in a master-slave configuration. In short, having two GPU's will have more processing power in rendering graphics resulting faster fps(frame per second) in gaming. By the way, this technology can only be used for NVIDIA video cards.
Then upon searching for cheap gpu's , i received an email from a friend of mine and says that the're will be a great sale in Gilmore IT located at San Juan.I've ended up of buying this video cards and im so happy because i got an IChill edition of Inno3d 8800GT 512mb DDR3 in which it consist an aftermarket cooler. So when i got home, I immediately start benching it in 3dmark06 and 3dmark vantage and i'm very satisfied with the performance.Gaming is great and i never encountered any lag on games ive played. But we know technology is never ending so i decided to sell it and wait again for new gpu's. But what i can never forget to this twins was their massive performance beyond its cheap price and also the gpu core temps we're very low which happens to be a lot of headroom for overclocking. I'v seeing it that it can last 5~7 years from that time if you decide to keep it and play it with all incoming graphics intense games and applications.Cheers! ^_^

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