Monday, August 2, 2010

Get naked!

Its been a hot afternoon when i decided to troubleshoot my cousin's pc. I'm really exhausted that time due to hot weather but i had no choice but to fix it. First I checked all the power cables and all ports if they properly placed in their respective socket and then power it up but still no response so i decided to check it naked by trying to remove all its components outside the cpu casing. I remove first the memory and bring back to the socket again and then power it up but still no boot.I checked next the graphics card but it has built-in gpu so its impossible to dismount it. Then I decided to try to remove the cpu(central processing unit) but the bracket of heat sink fan was stuck. I gently open up the steel lock clip and luckily im able to unlocked it. After i remove the heat sink, i dismount the cpu from its socket and check it.Upon checking it, i was surprisingly saw a burned mark beneath it, the cpu was overheated. I went back to my cousin and tell him the cause why his computer had no response . I suggested him that next time to open up the side panel of the casing to keep the system components especially the cpu core temperature cooled or if he wants better buy an after market cpu cooler so that even the casing was closed, the cooler is still enough to absorb heat coming from the cpu core. Cheers! ^___^

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