Monday, August 2, 2010

Hang Time

This is my second time in mountain climbing and i can say that its one of the best experienced ive ever had. About a 1 and half year ago I 've joined this mountaineering club so called "The Finisher's". That day, everything we're almost perfect, the weather is good, no leeches and most off all the trail is not that hard to walk in. This shot of mine was pictured at Mt. Cristobal going to the camp site.
But what I've thinking was why they called its the "Devils Mountain". Rumors said that there are some mountaineers lost there and didn't see and also some of them encounter's ghosts. Going on trail ahead, we've see a lot of trees,big rocks, roots and lot of things which commonly see on forest.I didn't feel anything bad as we cross the trail but instead i feel better.Maybe because the air we breath was absolutely fresh. We've reach the camp site and setup tents, prepare foods and drinks for our social activity. Its been getting late that night and we're all slightly drunk and sleepy so we decided to setup everything before we rest. We first pray to guide us and took away us from bad spirits. As i ve been lying inside the tent, i feel that there are lot of eyes watching us. I hear different kind of noises whispering my ears. But instead of getting afraid, I've pray again and try myself to get comfortable. The sun wake us the next morning and it just like saying to us "Magandang Umaga". Everything went good as we've leaving this so called Devils mountain. All in all, It was a great experience climb and i was thankful that stories beyond on that mountain didn't happen on us. Thank God for guiding us throughout our climb..^___^

More mountains to conquer. "The Finisher"


kuri said...

3 post in one day? e di ikaw n nga ang masipag mag-blog.ehehe.

sikoletlover said...

bullet day i shall try mountain climbing :)


AdroidEnteng said...


@sikoletlover should try it....masaya...^_^

pinkdiaries said...

hello, perstym ko mapadaan.. :-)

salamat pala sa daan sa site ko.. ;-)

AdroidEnteng said...

no problem po..salamat din sa pagbisita..^_^


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