Monday, August 2, 2010

Catch me if you can

Ever since, Ive been a fan of first person shooting games. Most games i played are counter-strike, battlefield 2, call of duty modern warfare, fear and left for dead in which they requires skills in shooting. While im scouting for new mice at the mall, i've saw this razer copperhead mouse and i was amazed with it's looks. I bought it and went home to test it and i was surprise with its performance. The speed, precision and sensitivity is so sick ("grabe").The movement is flawless and it reacts like im the real one moving the gun in the game modern warfare. Enemies can't say on me "catch me if you can" coz no matter what how far or how fast they cover up i can blow up them in one shot with precision power of this great mouse.^_^
I' ve highly recommend this mouse because it not all about the looks but also the performance is so great i couldn't imagine. It is highly recommend by most gamers like me.

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