Friday, April 1, 2011

Glowing keyboard?? (Saitek V7 Cyborg gaming keyboard)

        Computer gaming nowadays becomes more and more popular.You can easily find games on almost all gadgets like cellphones, psp's, ipod's etc. But for me, PC gaming still holds the glory on computer gaming because its cheaper and performs better than usual console games such as xbox and playstaion.
         Usually, casual gamers invest on CPU hardware setup for them to cope up the needs of smoother and flawless game play.For professional/hardcore gamers, CPU hardware setup was not the only one to consider a weapon on winning the game, but peripheral devices such as mouse and computer keyboard takes place. Its is very important to have a fast response, more macros and shortcut keys while playing especially on tournament games which requires fast act and coordination of the team. This is where the Saitek V7 Cyborg gaming keyboard enters. This keyboard was so great not only because its has very futuristic design but instead it had a lot of advance gaming features which really fits on professional gamers.

 Actual picture:


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