Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lost Dog

While Im browsing my facebook photos, I catch my attention on the dog picture in one of my profile pics, Oh that’s epi! Its been year ago since I lost this dog. She's 70% japanese spitz and 30% askal. ^_^… I got the name Epi from a chronic brain disorder called epilepsy where she suffers that kind of related disorder. Often times, she suddenly loses control body movements and slamp on the ground. It usually occurs when she eats and I don't know why only that time. I feel helpless every time it triggers that symptoms and all I can do is to watch until her body calm down and back to normal. Beyond all of that, this dog still so sweet and loyal on us.
A sad thing happened when she was disappeared one afternoon where all of us resting inside our home. Isn't she dognap?wtf! We've try to look everywhere within the vicinity on our home and also ask our neighbors if they saw epi around but no success. Days had past and kept looking but still we're unable recover our dog.Haist!So I got no choice but to accept the fact that we lost epi. Until now Im thinking what really happen to her and how she gone. tsk! If there’s someone saw epi just leave me a message..lolz!


Jag said...

baka nagtampo sa inyo? lol...poor little dog...

AdroidEnteng said...


uu nga eh...,puro kanin lang kasi pinapakain namin , alang ulam...hahaha

kuri said...

@jc: kala ko kay epi quizpn mo pinangalan. payat din eh.hehe.

AdroidEnteng said...

aw! naisip mo pa yun...dakilang blogger ka talaga...nyahahaha...:D

sikoletlover said...

baka kasama na ni epi ngayon sila marina at bakekang ^_^

Leah said...

Ay naku enteng.. baka nga na dognap na si Epi. Kinuha ng mga masasamang tao.. O baka merong bata na nagkaroon ng interes kay epi at bigla na lang dinukot.. Tsk! Sayang.. Ang cute pa naman. And he looks smart, too.

Wirdo ka rin pala, teng. Hehe.. Pareho tayo. Medyo wirdo sa pagbigay ng name sa mga alaga. Unique na unique ang name.. Hehe.. EPI.. kasi meron din syang epilepsy.. Hihi. Ibang klase.

It's been a year na pala.. Malamang, nasa dog heaven na si epi. Pero kung buhay pa sya, sana ay nagkaroon sya ulit ng mabait na amo.

Hoping for the best. =)


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