Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Go! go! go!

Yesterday, a friend of mine called me up and told me if i would like to join for a bike ride in Alabang going to Tagaytay. So i immediately came up my mind that i gonna 100% join that ride because i love biking. Until he told me that its a 60.4 km total lap.Wow! i didn't expect that it is too long for a fun ride. I got confused if i gonna still join the event because even though im into biking i usually took short ride this past few months.The reason was i had no time to practice long ride coz weekends were the days i can rest and do my other activities.
This day I check the details of the event and saw that its ride for cause. The price money to win will be given to the chosen charity you've select. On the back of my mind, there's no reason to ignore this event because there are lot of people can be help by this so i conclude myself that i will join. ^_^...I went to 711 near our office and registered. Right now, Im thinking if i can make it to finish line>.....hahahah!


Em said...

cool! for which charity tho?!

sikoletlover said...

start practicing boi if you really want to bag the prizes.

baka naman sa "Mga Chikas ni JC Foundation" mapunta yung pera pag nanalo ka ha. (-_^)V

AdroidEnteng said...


I've selected kapuso charity foundation.Evertime I watch channel 7, I saw na marami talaga sila natutulungan.So excited na ko..^_^

adik...mabait kaya me..nyahaha..^_^...,uu nga eh im started practicing "kuno" na...hehehe...

kuri said...

yakang yaka mo yan pareng jervs! KAW PA! GUDLAK!

Em said...

@ oohh that's nice.. my family has always been for bantay bata and last '08 we had a concert for give a life foundation

AdroidEnteng said...

talaga...that's super nice...:D..,where did the concert held? This 2010, do you have any plan for any recreational projects or concerts for give a life foundation?


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