Friday, May 20, 2011

MSI Philippines Event 2011 (SM North Edsa - Annex)


           I've been  waiting this event to come for so long and at last it's finally here(clap! clap!). Actually, this a 3 day event (May 20,21 and 22)but the first day was my target date because it's all about rig show competition. On its first day, contestants will display their customized computer CPU and visitors have a chance to vote once which they think the best among of those rigs.
( from MSI forum)

Day 1 (May 20): Rig Display Contest - PC Modding : Case mod by Rig Noobies, United Modders, and more. Vote for the best rig on display.
Day 2 (May 21): Master Overclocking Arena – Overclocking Contest - Marshalled by TipidPC: Cheer for your fav overclocker.
Day 3 (May 22): Face-Off With The Fnatics! - A Gaming Challenge - Open invitation to TPC Gamers to play against Three of the world’s best: Sen (Starcraft 2), KyoChi (COD), Strenx (Quake Live)

        So that's it, I went there during lunch time to check the event.(actually i didn't took my lunch just drop by a couple of minutes there because I need to get back at the office before1pm.,hahaha!). CPU's customized casing shown were really amazing so i decided to took some pictures of them (sorry for crappy pics - cellphone camera used only..:) ) and here it is:

Filipino computer enthusiast Computer Rigs Show at MSI Philippines Event!



Note: CPU chasis shown are owned by their respective owner.


more pictures to follow!!!!


Traveliztera said...

hanep parang spaceship lang!

krn said...

yung first one parang hindi CPU. parang makina something sa motor. hahaha. cool!

AdroidEnteng said...


hahaha..uu nga..pwede ata sumakay dun


malamang may motor nga yun..nyahha..


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