Monday, September 12, 2011

MSI Geforce N580GTX Lightning Xtreme Edition

              MSI N580GTX Lightning Extreme Edition is a reconstructed N580GTX Lightning but with 3GB DDR5 memory and redesigned Twin FrozrIII cooler (propeller blade fan’s color changes from blue to white if the card gets hot and the fan rotates backwards for 30 seconds each time the computer starts to remove dusts on the fan). The card still has the enhanced voltage controls and power circuitry where the Lightning series stands out. Compared from a regular 580GTX power phase, the EX has 16+1 (12 for the GPU Core, 3 for the memory and 1 for the PLL/VDDC Power).

 The box:


Check out the monster card:


        At the back area of the card, you will find useful switches for unlocking the Memory, GPU, PLL voltages / Over Current Protection Power Unlocker/ PWM Clock Tuner / and LN2 Bios switch for Cold Bug Fix.


Below are more in-depth specs of the Lightning EX:
• Pre-overclocked GPU Core is running at 832 MHz
• 3072MB GDDR5 4200MHz Memory
• Video Output Functions – 2x Dual-Link DVI, 1x HDMI and 1x Display Port
• Compose of Military Class 2 Components for longer lifespan and better overclocking ability (Solid Capacitors, Super Ferrite Chokes, Hi-C Caps, Lightning Power PCB Layer, Copper MOS and Proadilizer)
• Capable of Two-Way or 3-Way SLI Configuration


Accessories included with the VC Package:
•Two SLI Bridges for multi GPU configuration
•2x 6pin Power to 8pin PCIE Power Connector
•DVI to VGA Connector
•Software & Utility DVD
•Manual and Quick Guide
•V-Check Points Connector

 Lightning EX at stock speed for all the tests. The only component that I overclocked was the 2600K processor to determine bottlenecks. PhysX was also disabled so that equal comparison can be made against an AMD ATI VC model.

Test System Configuration:
•Processor: 2600K with Fenrir Heatsink Fan
•Motherboard: Z68A-GD80
•Memory: Kingston 2x2GB DDR3 2133MHz
•Harddrive: Kingston SSD VNow+ 128GB
•PSU: Antec TPQ-1200


3DMARK 2006


3DMARK 2011

           N580GTX Lightning is such a powerful card that even at stock settings, power performance is enough to play all latest games in high resolution with extreme detail settings. Then if the power is still enough for you, you could still use the MSI Afterburner Software to juice out more from the video card or configure it in SLI. Credits to my friend gzhil for helping me to this review.


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